Damn!!!! Exams entries

Summertime Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
Yeap, missed the online entry for the June exams, does anyone know how much the AAT will charge for late entries??....the Technician stage>



  • StuPed
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    Just heard it for myself! £160 for the admin of it....four times the cost of the exam itself...bit harsh I think on a lot of students who legitamatly have a reason for being late. Plus the exam cost is looking around £200. Sorry to give you the bad news for that.

  • chelsii
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    I was at college today and my mate missed the exams fee deadline too, which was friday and the tutor told us that she would have to pay one hundred pound now instead of the thirty six pounds she should of paid on time. gutted!!!! so thats the fee ammount we was told. We are studying level 2. AAT.
  • cp037
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    yep i missed them too and they asked for £160 late payment charge on top of £76 exam fee!!! I thought they were gonna put entry forms thru the post like lasty year!!! they got a call from me but they wer not having any of it!!!:thumbdown:
  • jorja1986
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    It did clearly state that if you entered online last year they will not send through ANY paperwork. It would all have to be done electronically. I nearly got caught out. Also all entry information is now on your login account so be sure to check that as well for entry details. This will not be posted either now.

    It is frustrating but there is plenty of warning. as it is nearly 2months (ish) that we get to log on and submit our applications. :blushing: *feeling the death stares *

    I do agree that the admin fees are harsh. Maybe £10-15 but the exam fees plus £100 that is outrageous. :thumbdown:
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