anyone done the health and safety modulee

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im doing my health and safety module.. ARGGHHH!!! i dont know what to writee helppppp plz


  • Rose_20
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    Health and safety

    I know how u feel, i was in the exact same position a couple of weeks ago.
    The only thing you have to do is take some pictures of any hazards u can see in your workplace e.g trailing computer wires on the floor, this is a hazard caus someone can trip over them. Then write next to it what should be done to corect this. I based it on the college that im studying in.
    Also take pics of the fire extinguisher and things that are 2 do witrh health and safety. I also filled in an accident form.
    Hope this helps, if u need more info let me know, i'll be glad to help!

  • Poodle
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    If you go to college then ask to speak with some one in maintenance bet they have loads of information that you could use. yellow high visability jackets, hard hats, steel cap shoes, use of ladders, lifting. COSHE etc, etc.
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    I have to do this soon too - Tutor says I should get it done before July 1st so she can mark/ammend it in time for summer holidays.

    The trouble is......I don't work in an office or an accounts environment. I have nowhere to base my H & S report on. I'm a self employed professional entertainer and my 'office' is in my front room cat sitting on the desk, my coffee on the right of my keyboard, my 7 year old step daughter lay across the floor watching TV, lots of tempting items on the desk worthy of theft, paperwork cluttering half the desk. I certainly wont be taking pictures!

    Maybe I'll just tidy up...:ohmy: or get my friend in to take the pictures (he's an estate agent!)

    Tutor says you can't really 'fail' H & S but I have a harder job than most.

    Good luck all.
  • kazseera
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    aaaw really. your job sounds interesting number junky.

    errm i had two or three to choose from, i can email u what was emailed to me numberjunky.
  • lessci
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    My college provided a scenario for those of us who didn't work in an accounts environment, the only problem with using the scenarios is that there are "right" answers, where as if you do it based elsewhere, who knows if you're telling the truth?
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