how much shall i study!!!

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how much should i study a day or week, in order to be competent in the examination, obviously understanding what im doing, i dont want to over do it or under do it.

is there really a set of hrs that work?



  • mashtan69
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    Hi Louise !

    No one would know the answer for your question except you; because you are the only one who knows for sure how far you can go to study.

    It depends on the size of material and your own comprehension.

    You ought to start with an hour or two daily when you are fresh and willing to study and see how much you can grasp ; later on you can fine tune your studying time accordingly.

    Personally; I am a mother of a ten months old boy, and I take my studies seriously.
    Since I am doing ECR I take his naps a study hours!!

    You have to adjust and find out the best timing yourself.

    Wish u the best !!
    Um Salman i.e. ----<Mother of Salman in Arabic>
  • StuPed
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    Agree completely with mashtan69. Doing FRA in December taught me a good method for myself and was also a good gauge for how much i might want to do. I usually find myself not planning lots but taking some form of revision in my back pack (seems to go with me everywhere) and find the odd time to look at it i.e Going home from work.

    Again, youre style of learning may be completely unique, i tend to work best with using flash cards and doing little bits now and again whilst i know my fiancee has to sit down for a few hours and not move before she's ready for an exam! As stated, the post before is as accurate as you need, start of at any point and you will probably find that point where you feel comfortable that youve done enough revision (I usually find once that little voice in my head telling me i hav'nt done enough goes away I feel much better about what ive revised and feel much more confident). There are lots of variables, so im sorry i cant help much but like i say you may already have your favourite ways of revising and thats sometimes best :001_smile:

    Best of luck with the revising, tell us how you get on :thumbup:

    StuPed :laugh:
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