Purchase of a new car and disposal of an old fixed assed

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Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

In the journal, how do I record the purchase of a car, partly funded by part exchange which is the disposal of an old car, if the company cannot claim VAT back on the new car?

I've only dealt with the claiming back of VAT on a new fixed asset but I need to incorporate entries into the Purchase Ledger Control account and I'm not sure what amount goes in there? Is it the net + VAT CR? If so, where do I post this in DR to balance it up?



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    The debit will go to the Motor Vehicles at cost account.

    The double entry would be:

    Debit: Motor vehicle cost additions £X (inc. VAT)
    Credit: Purchase ledger control £X (inc. VAT)

    As VAT is not receoverable it gets included within the cost of the asset.

    Hope that helps
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    Dr Disposals (with full value of disposed car)
    Cr MV at cost (with full value of disposed car)

    Dr Accumulated Dep'n (acc. dep'n of disposed car) *you will probably have to calculate this
    Cr Disposals

    Dr MV at cost (the payment from the bank)
    Cr Bank

    Dr MV at cost (with the P/X figure)
    Cr Disposals

    The balance b/d on the Disposals A/c will be a profit/loss that has been made on the car.

    I hope this is right or I'll look a right dummy!
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    Thank you SO much. I'll practise these for the simulation which I'm dreading!!
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