FRA Exam / Simulation confusion
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I'm studying with FTC Kaplan at Advanced Certificate level and will be taking the FRA exam in June.

I've seen several posts referring to a skills test (seemingly in addition) to the exam.

The course material I have read several times over (to check) makes no mention of any further work to do other than to pass the exam.

Have I misunderstood the way this module is assessed ?

Perhaps the course assessment methods have changed in the 3 years I've been doing this. To those of you working full-time as well as studying I know how hard it is to do it quickly !

Before I call FTC or AAT, any advice would be appreciated.




  • KellyG
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    Hi Rob,

    I am studying FRA advanced certificate with FTC also and if you are doing the diploma route you shouldn't have any skills tests. Unfortunately the poor people studying the NVQ route DO have skills tests to sit which I have heard are harder than the final exam!

    Good luck... how are you getting on with studying and working? Its killing me!!

    K :crying:
  • lessci
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    Yes you're quiet right the exams are much easyier than the skill tests, but I loke it that way 'cos if you can pass the skills test you definatly have all the knowledge you need for the exams.:thumbup:
  • KellyG
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    Very true... good point! Still... glad i dont have the extra worries... the final exam is stressing me out enough as it is!
  • Primble
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    I got confused with all the mention of skills test but as it wasn't on my timetable I decided it must be ok. all you FTC people do you also find that the revision pack we got is very good. I found this much more helpful than the text books which just waffle a lot
  • DuncyMoon
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    I agree with lessci. I've had to do the skills tests & they are definitely more difficult & longer than the exams but they set you up well knowing that the exams aren't as tough.

    Good luck to everyone who's just got the exams next month!
  • KellyG
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    I haven't got a revision pack from FTC!? :crying:
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