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I am getting a bit confused with the depreciation figure in the extended trial balance. I know that it is a CR on the ledger and then a CR on the adjustments. Then it is totalled in the CR on the balance sheet. So far the adjustment figure and the balance sheet balances.
But then I am a bit confused as to the figure in the P & L. I know it is a DR. Say the ledger is £900 and the adjustment is £675 then the balance sheet shows £1575 as a CR. If I put the £675 in the P & L as a DR then I find the P & L is out by £675 on the CR side. So does this £675 go on as a CR also? If so what does it go down as?


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    I can't quite see what you are doing but Dep'n works like this

    Dep'n will be a Debit on P&L
    Acc Dep'n will be Credit on Balance sheet (to reduce fixed assets at cost)

    So let's say figures as per trial balance are

    Vehicles 50000 (Dr)
    Accumulated Dep'n 15000 (Cr)

    You are then asked to calculate Dep'n for the year on 10% straight line
    Make entries on ETB adjustments -
    (this is the important double entry)
    This gives Depreciation A/C 5000 DEBIT
    and Acc Depreciation A/C 5000 CREDIT

    Then carry balances across giving
    P&L account - Dep'n 5000
    Balance Sheet - Acc Dep'n 20000

    And that's really it.
    Good luck and I'm sure there will be more posts.
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    Are you meaning that the P&L becomes out of balance?

    Could this be because you have increased the figure for depreciation therefore the figure you are using, in the p&l on the ETB, for profit is too high.
    Thinking about it depreciation for the year reduces the amount of profit for the year.
  • Shortbread64
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    Thanks. I have got it now. It was the 'important double entry' that I was not doing. I have now got it to balance and understand now.
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    Happy to have helped.

    It seemed odd that you didn't mention the Acc. Dep'n Acc

    Glad it's all clear now.
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