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I know how to use the DAYS360 function in excel but is there a formula for counting actual days between two dates when there are 31 days in a month?

I would like to create a manual aged debtor report.

Thanking you



  • msf
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    hi Poodle,

    If an aged report was being produced say on (a) 30 April and invoices dated say (b) 1 Feb. I would use the sum function, take the cell (a) less cell (b) and +1 ie sum(a-b)+1 = 90 days, this would solve the days issue.

    hope this helps....
  • CJC
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    Just use minus, Excel will figure the number of days in the month and even deals with leap years.

    E.g. =26/02/2008 - 1/03/2008 returns 4

    If you just wanted working days use =networkdays(startDate, endDate[,holdays])
  • Poodle
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    Thank you both for your help
  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    Have you tried EDATE formula? If you are doing manual aged debt, this may help to generate dates for the next month, month after.

    =EDATE(01/01/08,1) would give you the resul of 01/02/08. This way if you wish you could do on month basis. If you need any help just contact me with your data I may be able to find a formula for you.

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