Deep breath.. and relax..

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As I seem to be rubbing people up the wrong way with every other post I make these days, I think it is probably time for me to step back a little and let other people contribute rather than spend my time treading on eggshells.

Time to catch up with some work!



  • warwick5763
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    Dean, I read a lot but rarely contribute. Your stuff is always good quality and worth reading. From what I can see the people you have been rubbing need rubbing anyway.
  • Hiljay5
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    I'll second that!!!
  • cherub76
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    Ive only just joined, and have read lost of your're only saying what other people are thinking!!!
  • Poodle
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    Don't run, stay and have fun.:laugh:

    I always say there are only really two types of people in this life ' straight line' or 'curvey line'

    From experience accountants are more likely to be 'straight line' On trying to get to a point, even in offering help, we upset people either in mannerisms or in the way that we word things and the trouble is we know that we do it but cannot control it. And not to insult your gender, it's a bit like PMT! You cannot do anything about it, it just happens.

    I am sure that I am not alone with this (and come on the other Dean) this forum would be a lesser place without your input.

  • A-Vic
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    Hi Dean

    At the end of the day we all need the advise (Foundation myself) more so than others so any input is better than no input at all.

    It the internet you will rub people up the wrong way if they dont like what you say well there is a little on off button on the computer or laptop.

    What am trying to say is stick around :001_smile:
  • Dean
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    Poodle wrote: »
    I am sure that I am not alone with this (and come on the other Dean) this forum would be a lesser place without your input.

    I completely agree. :001_smile:


  • Alice White
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    I'm new around here and find some of the posts a bit bewildering in that they start of contradicting others but still end up with the same answer.

    I'm all for good advice being shared but not posts that want to score points.

    Oops. I bet I've upset some of you. Sorry.
  • LMW
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    Dean we need you!!


    Your input is so much appreciated and the forum would not be the same without your contribution. I enjoy a proper discussion and it is very important to get the different views. Please do carry on contributing to the forum because your advise is incredibly important. The life of an MIP could be very lonely and it really helps to know that there is someone like you, willing to give your time to help others.:thumbup:
  • sheelagh
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    Although more a reader than a poster, I find this forum a great source of information and always feel gratitude towards the more experienced members who so readily share their knowledge and experience. As well as finding answers to specific problems it is always useful to read up on subjects which are on the periphery of my core business.
    It is unfortunate that the written word is sometimes misinterpreted. There are other forums where back biting and sniping are much worse than here and some choose to pick up on a perceived critisism and run with it. I have read the debtors / creditors post - suffice to say I think it is an exception to the norm. I believe the contributors to this forum are friendly and close knit enough to forgive a poorly worded post and polilte enough stick to the main point.
    This is generally a helpful, friendly and welcoming forum where new and seasoned members can build confidence and ask those questions we all want to ask when we start out or come across a new problem or concept, without feeling intimidated.
    Thank you, Dean, for you valuable contributions. If you decide to stay with us I, and I am sure many others, will be delighted.
  • Jan
    Jan Registered Posts: 654 Epic contributor 🐘
    Time to catch up with some work!

    OK Dean, we'll let you catch up on some work, but then you must come back to us....... please?

    It seems I'm not the only one who enjoys the discussions between you MIPs. We all learn a lot from them and it goes to show that everything is not as cut and dried as they appear in exams.

    Just like to say I like the hedgehog avatar - shows you do have a sense of humour. OK I'll go now :blushing:
  • Wayneo157
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    Hi Dean,

    I am yet another one who reads a lot of the posts here but does not post myself. I have always found your advice to be invaluable and has certainly helped me on several occassions.

    Please don't stop posting as I believe you would be a great loss to this forum.


  • pussycat58
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    hi Dean,

    I too have always enjoyed reading your comments. Ive only just started posting and I seemed to upset someone straight away.

    some people seem to have had their funny bone removed at birth.

    the only thing that bugs me is that it undoes all my hard work at dispelling the myth that we're grey and boring.

    i go on nuddy beaches and scuba dive but not at the same time of course cos you need special equipment to scuba.

    now thats really going upset some people:001_tt2:
  • claire
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    Pleaseee come back


    Please do not take too much of a deep breath you might forget to exhale and then where will we all be up the creak with out a paddle I am sure.

    I have decided to start a save Dean petition (is that spelt right, does not like right to me).

    As you can see we are all missing you already and is has not been long, so hurry up and catch up with your work and get your a**e back on line.

    Remember it is only the minority you upset.

    Kind Regards

  • T.C.
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    I have no problems with straight-forward answers. Carry on!
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