Final Tech exams!!

laurenw Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi everyone,

I though id write a post to see how you are all feeling about the June exams.

I have BTC & PCR in June, my last 2 needed before i qualify and i am starting to feel the pressure :001_unsure:.

How is everyone staying clarm, i am in need of some tips lol.

3 weeks today until BTC and i dont actually think i know any of it!!!!


  • Emma1708
    Emma1708 Registered Posts: 217 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I am the same - last two I need to finish AAT. I am doing BTC and PTC. I have just got the BPP books which are a god send as I was panicking about not having past papers to revise from. The revision sections are very good. If you havent got these I would highly recommend for your BTC revision

    Good luck

  • sharon
    sharon Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Same boat guys, I am doing PTC, MAC, DFS!! And i feel as though i know nothing, went to all my classes all the revision classes, Maybe im panicking i don't know, But concerned that i will screw it up!!!
  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854 Epic contributor 🐘
    I am lucky as I only have PTC left to do. I think I am ready for it, but who knows until the day.

    I agree that the BPP books have been a life saver although they do have some silly mistakes in them.

    Good luck everyone.

  • sebula
    sebula Registered Posts: 18 New contributor 🐸
    only pev and dfs left to do

    i really need to pass. gettin bit nervous now

  • coocoocadgoo
    coocoocadgoo Registered Posts: 41 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hopefully this will make you all feel a bit better...
    My college decided to make us do all 4 exams in June! So, DFS, PEV, PCR and PTC - nice!
  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854 Epic contributor 🐘
    I think your colleague is a nutter.!!!
  • phunkyphantom22
    phunkyphantom22 Registered Posts: 166 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    That's mental - not really gonna help their pass rates by forcing students to try and do all 4 and then some of them fail because of the volume of work! Unless that is their intention - to keep you at the college for longer and somehow make more money out of it.....
  • laurenw
    laurenw Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
    I dont feel as bad now, how can your college expect you to do 4 at once???

    2 is bad enough :-(.

    Has anyone received there exam docket, i rang the AAT and was told they dont do them anymore and to print my exam details off my account??

    Has anyone heard this?
  • Nich
    Nich Registered Posts: 49 Regular contributor ⭐
    we havent had paper dockets sent out for the previous few exam sittings. You need to log into your account online and go to 'exam details' and print it off.
  • 118 11kate
    118 11kate Registered Posts: 115 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hello All!

    Ive only got PEV to do then im finished thank goodness because ive had enough lol

    Im too damn determined to finish although I really dont want to be an accountant now lol.


    Kate x
  • lorraine
    lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I have the PCR and DFS exams to do then im done with AAT, I really can't wait!!!! fingers crossed!!!!

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