Past papers-June 2004, Question 1.7

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I was doing past papers and everything looked easy until now :huh: Questoin 1.7 seemed to be one of those easy questions but it surprisingly is not, i cant understand why we have to put 2000Cr on current account if there was no info about wages or salaries given to partners; i know that one of the partners withdrawn 2000 more than the other and 2000Cr will beautifully balance the difference but i cant understand why??? who said that the drawings have to be this same for both of them?:crying: i did 7 past papers since yesterday and maybe i cant see clearly and need a break, please help


  • agatha
    agatha Registered Posts: 41 ? ? ?
    got it! i read the additional data 3 times and havent seen it:001_rolleyes: going to have a break, good luck everyone :001_smile:
  • taskey
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    i feel the same, i am doing fra. i am working through section 1 first to see how it goes. i am then gonna concentrate on section 2.

    so far today i have done about 5 section 1's.

    still getting stuck on the silliest of things, but then on the next paper i breeze through it.

    i am just not confident in my answers and have to 2nd check it againt the real answers all the time.

    i keep taking breaks to make brews, and hang out washing.
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