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I am so stressed and worried about failing BTC and DFS that I cannot sleep at night and wander round my home, glass of water in hand, at 2am in the morning cursing myself for leaving my revision so late. When my alarm goes off at 7am I am so tired I have to force my eyes open. There just do not seem to be enough hours, minutes and seconds left to cram it all in and I badly want to pass these exams and carry on with the course. I feel like I am suspended in a time zone between everything going right in my life during foundation and intermediate and everything going wrong now that I have reached technician.

I feel quite down about my exam situation.

Can anybody else out there not sleep because this is driving my crazy? :blushing:


  • GILL
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    Too easy to say try not to worry!

    When you do wake up, or find you can't get to sleep, why don't you spend some time studying? If anything will send you to sleep that will and eventhough you won't be any less tired the next day you should be less stressed about the amount of studying you have done.
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    I remember beating myself up pointlessly for 2 months after taking the Business Tax exam, I had convinced myself that I had totally mucked up and would have to do it again after coming so close to finshing the course. Remember that you are not expected to get 100% to pass, just be able to show competence - please do not lose any sleep over it, try and think positive and remain confident. I wouldn't try and do revision too late in the day either, you will already be tired at this time and don't really want to go to sleep still thinking about it.

    Im no genius and made it through to the other side ok - so no reason why you can't either:thumbup1:
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    Hi Jayne,

    I know exactly how you feel, as i myself have had a numerous of sleepless nights as my brain is so active.

    I would suggest having a break at least a few hours before you go to sleep, i always find things that i have learnt revising play on my mind when i put my head on the pillow.

    I have also invested in some Kalms, they are amazing and really help me relax. I have been told today my company are making redundencies and i dont feel half as bad as i normally would, plus there all herbal which is good :-).

    Good luck for your exams, i also have BTC & PCR and am finding BTC abit of a chore but once it all sinks in i will be ok.

    And like Crispy said, you only need around 80% to pass, so if you make a few errors you should be fine.
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    2 weeks is plenty of time.

    All the learning has been done now.

    Think of it more of refresher sessions. Refresh the stuff you find hardest first and then have a break go see a film or something Then treat yoursefl with something easier
  • JayneHogan
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    Thanks Guys!!!
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