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if I have to work out sales with 40% mark up for part a and a 40% margin for part b. how are these different and worked out? The example I looked at wasn't very good


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    Mark up is the percentage that you increase the cost price by, so if you purchased an item for £100 the markup would be £40 as this is 40% of £100. Total selling price would be £140.

    If you were to apply a margin of 40% to the £100 item, £100 would represent 60% of the total cost (100 - 40) so, £100/60 x 100 would give you the selling price of £166.67 with £66.67 being the margin.
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    See the attached document

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    Gross Profit Margin = --Gross Profit---x 100


    Gross Profit Mark up = --Gross Profit---x 100

    Cost of Sales

    NET Sales - Cost of Sales = Gross Profit

    Cost of Sales = Opening Stock + NET Purchases - Closing Stock

    Use these formulae and you'll have no problems. If your algebra was good at GCSE level then you should be able to rearrange these formulae to find whatever is missing. This method works for me.
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