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i started my at intermediate in september and passed both my exams in december. i couldn't carry on at college and therefore have not completed any skill tests. i am sitting 2 technician exams this month and just wondered if i would be able to carry on at college to do the technician level or would i need to pass those skill tests.

Thank you


  • kylara
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    You really need to phone the AAT and discuss this with them as to what you need to complete your studies. The exams alone are not enough as some elements of the course are skills tested, plus there is the project (Unit 10). Talk also to the course Tutor at your college. Goodluck :thumbup:
  • morgana
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    I know a few people in our centre who have still to sit their intermediate skills tests altough they are sitting the 3 Technician exams in June. Our centre allow you to do the skill tests when you are ready but as long as they are done before the course is finished.
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