mark up & margin

louise Registered Posts: 49 ? ? ?
i dont get it,

i have a rule : mark-costs 100%
marge -sells 100&

but when i get to put it to a question its wrong why?


  • visha
    visha Registered Posts: 218 ? ? ?
    Only you can answer that!

    we don't know how you are applying your rule:- mark-cost 100% or marge- sells 100%

    Elabrate on your use and we may be able to answer why it's wrong.
  • System
    System Posts: 103,151 ? Admin ?
    Give me an example.
  • visha
    visha Registered Posts: 218 ? ? ?
    See the attched document

    do all the workings on it and mark-up and margin will become clear.

    Attachment not found.
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