Fra Exam Worries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyone else who can NOT do FRA what so ever?????

I am so upset about it, i cant do it.
Thinking of cancelling exam and re-taking in December.

Any one else in my shoes?


  • Merioneth
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    Hi Jacki

    Units 6 and 7 are fast approaching and I'm worried about both.

    I haven't liked this module what so ever. Partly cos I know I won't need to use it again. I really liked units 5 and 6 but these ones are horrible.

    On my skills test for Unit 6 my mind went blank on contributions with a limiting factor and almost burst into tears.

    I'm going to sit down this weekend and work through it. I know by doing past papers and asking some really stupid questions on here I can do it.

    If you'd like to exchange ideas on the areas that are really confounding let me know. Maybe could have a chat on the weekend?
  • taskey
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    this will be my fourth time sitting this exam - i cannot go on any further till i pass this.

    i am going through past exam papers, section 1 first. seeing where i went wrong. next paper, section 1 etc.

    this week i am concentrating on section 2, again checking as i go along.

    i will then reprint all of the papers again and do both sections.

    i am also reading my text books when i go to bed and doing any examples in them too.

    i kept thinking i could not do it too, but i really find doing the past exams a great help.

    i work full time and have 2 kids and i find it hard to concentrate and study, especially after a long day in work. and it is frustrating when you feel like you cannot do it.

    print off the old papers and go through them - it has helped me a great deal

    Hope this helps

  • tammyariley
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    Hi i'm doing FRA exam in 2 weeks as well, and i've just had simulation today but thats another story! You have come this far so do not quit now, you will still have lots of revision to do if you take the exam in December and you have already paid your money so you might as well give it a go. hopefully you will pass and be happy! :thumbup:
    MOHMEDSALIM PATEL Registered Posts: 184 ? ? ?
    Do not make a mistake

    Please do not make a mistake and quit now you have done hard work until now.

    Just go through past paper I hope you will be fine.
  • visha
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    I am so upset about it, i cant do it.
    Thinking of cancelling exam and re-taking in December.

    Any one else in my shoes?

    CRUEL to be KIND

    Why are you upset? - Because you can't do it.

    Why can't you do it?

    These are soul searching questions. And usually we know the answers to them our selves.

    Instead of facing the challenge we run away from it. And that is normal for the people generally who want to accept their fate, but those who want to change their fate - face your challenges and do some thing about it. There are more then 10 days to go. wake up early and get on with it.

    concentrate on the past exam papers only. If you do not know the theory then face the reality that you may not be able to pass the exams, but if you have already paid for them - just go and do the exams, knowing that you will not pass. what have you got to lose? BUT do not stress yourself out.

    BUT by December you must NOT be in this situation again! I suspect you have been here before and repeating the mistake again. May be I am wrong! But generally I can read the situation accurately.

    If it is the sympathy you are after, the world is full of people who are laid back and do not prepare for what is to come, and then at the last minute panic and seek sympathy. I am sure there are many students in your predicament at the moment. I know more then one personally. And there are many plausible excuses to justify the situation. But it is for YOU to decide whether that is an EXCUSE or a GENUINE reason.

    see that attached threading it may help
  • 80sGuitarSolo
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    Hi jacki,

    I feel your pain! This will be my third time sitting FRA too. In that time I have passed (all first time) Units 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11, it's just Unit 5 that gets me.

    Good luck.
  • Rexie
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    Focus, Revise & Determination

    I have full time job, daughter is doing GCSE's have terminally ill dad, mum has breast cancer, I am waiting for cancer test results.

    This is what is driving me to hang in there - DETERMINATION.

    I have had real worries over the whole of the course, mainly because of the poor teaching at our college.

    I have done every past paper, probabley twice now, every simulation/practice paper in the osbourne books, when I wasnt sure, I got my books out and worked through it step by step.

    If you do nothing else put aside 1 hour a day and do as much of a past paper as you can.

    You can do it !!

  • visha
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    A very inspiring support.

    Thanks for that.
  • maresca90
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    Do not give up!!!!

    Do not give up and quit your exams. it;s not the best way out. right now i am doing the skills tests and in 2 weeks time i will be doing the exams of unit 5 and 6.
    you have still the chance of studying and bring good results. you need to have a will. and when there's a will there will always be a way!!!!

    Goodluck to you and to eveeryone during this hard times!!!!!!!
  • Jan
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    I am so upset about it, i cant do it.
    Thinking of cancelling exam and re-taking in December.

    Any one else in my shoes?

    There are probably lots of people who want to give up, I know I did. My problem was the costing exams @ Technician level, not helped by the fact that our tutor was on long term sick and the college did nothing about it till 4 weeks before the exams! (& we were on day release). But we all stuck at it and the majority of us passed. I still remember screaming/crying "I've passed" at the screen on results day, my son thought I'd lost it :lol:

    If you don't take the exam, what will you have achieved? Nothing. Think of it as a mock. If you pass, you won't have to do it again, if you don't, well there is still December. I see you are re-sitting ECR as well. Are you struggling there too? Is there anything in particular that is not sinking in? Remember you have to understand what you are doing, not just memorise it.

    Try not to panic, I know it is tough having to take 2 on the same day. On the day if it feels as if it has all gone wrong with the first don't let it effect the 2nd! Go off and get something to drink and if you can eat :001_smile: - the brain needs both to function!

    Good luck to all of you
  • lizrochford
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    Jackie I know how you feel, don't feel your the only one struggling lots of us are in the same boat. All I can say is you have got this far, don't give up now and you still have time, do what I am doing and concentrating on just the past exam papers and going over areas where I am weak. Have you got a course outline I can forward you one it tells you what the examiner will expect you to know I can attach it on here if you think it would be helpful. I have child with ADHD and a full time job and I failed maths miserably at school and have struggled all the way but I'm still here, but keep a positive outlook and you might surprise yourself. Good luck!!
  • Marg22
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    Forthcoming exams

    I passed FRA in June 07 and the advice that I would give you is keep telling yourself that you can do it, put all negative thoughts about it out of your mind. It is very unproductive telling your brain that it can not do it. When you do each transaction think of it as two enteries debit and credit. Keep to the time allowed for each section. Remember it is no good spending all the time allowed on one section. You need to do well in both.

    Perhaps you could book a few days holiday off work to help revise, it would be really worth it if you pass. Do not be put off by students leaving the exam, so what if they have finished, you keep going. You just might spot something that makes you achieve that pass result. Even if I find an exam easy I keep checking through it until there is no time left.

    All the very best of luck in passing your exams.

  • Gems
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    Is there anyone else who can NOT do FRA what so ever?????

    I am so upset about it, i cant do it.
    Thinking of cancelling exam and re-taking in December.

    Any one else in my shoes?
    I am sitting FRA in about 2 weeks as well. I have found going through past papers over and over helps me. If I find I get stuck at any point I refer to my revision companion and work on the area I am stuck before returning to the exam. Break it down into small sections, do a chapter from the revision book every day. Don't cancel your exam it will only demotivate you further. You can do it and you will. Remember there is no such word as CAN'T :)
  • shelle
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    I too am really concerned bout this year. I found last year really easy but this year i have slacked on my sstudying to be fair and now i am really worried with exams only being a week away. I think i made the mistake of returning to full time work in a job that promised me that they would be doing my work around my course to help me pass and learn the things i need to but after several trimes of asking when learn things new at college i am just fobbed off a little longer and i am doing things at the mo do not at all relate to my college course.

    I am so worried as finding time is neon impossible i have a 4 year old daughter and i am expecting my second so i really need to pass this year as retakes will take up so much time. I have got a couple of days hol booked off this week so going to try and gfet some studying in then but its not looking good and i am struggling to hold back the tears at the moment as I will feel like i am a failure to my family. Going back to work full time with commitments of college and children and home life too was the worst thing i could of done as i hardly get enough time to do the things i need to as i work 30 miles from home too. But i have paid for this year and i am aim to give my exams my best you are not on ur own i am worried bout both i just want to stand in the middle of the road and scream!!!
  • kansas
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    Hi all.......... nothing will help you more than plenty of revision, practise papers etc (virtual impossiblity I know as a single mother of 2, working full time in a non-accounting role).
    Anyway, my point is...... if exam nerves are getting the better of you, I was told lavender oil on a tissue helps calm you down. I did it for my foundation exam and the whole room could smell that tissue in my pocket ( lol ) but seriously folks..... a few deep breaths inhaling that lavender and I felt much more at ease.
    It might all be on the mind..... but if it works for me ..... needs must!
    The best of luck to you all.
  • mark130273
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    well .....the biggest problem is the suport from the fellow class memebrs .we have had a close group since last year and we all much in together and any problems we help wach other ......

    but have to say if you aint got it by now !!! not much time to learn .....

    our class started with 20 and think there will be only 7 taking the exam ?
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