Unit 6 Simulation

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Failed it


So annoying as I failed it on contribution with a limiting factor and I couldn't for the life of me think how to work out the breakeven points.

Soon as I walked out the door I knew


Hate this module.


  • Rexie
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    Break even points


    I remember the formula like this for break even no of units

    Farnham Cricket Club - fixed costs over contribution

    Stupid I know, but works for me

    You cant fail a simulation/skills test, they have to test your knowledge perhaps making you do a similar question, or a question and answer session, then you will be signed off competent

  • skips
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    ok ive not done my simulation yet but now im really worried! whats a contribution with a limiting factor?!

  • LizH
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    I completely messed up my unit 6 simulation too!! Im doing the resit a week after the exam.
    The limiting factors question had me completely-the one i did was about birthday cakes??
    I work in private practice drafting accounts etc so unit 5 stuff is not a problem for me, but costing etc might as well be a foreign language!! I find i can do the work when im at college, but when i get home and look at it again, im hopeless!! Finding it hard to retain all the information and sometimes to work out what each question actually wants you to do!!

    Anyone else find the costing stuff harder than ETB and final accounts??
  • Merioneth
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    Glad it's not just me

    Exam tommorrow not looking forward to it because having stuffed my head with formulaes and ways to do things I know I'm going to panic and think of a completely new way to do something.

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