Good Luck Everone!

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For those who are sitting their ECR and/or FRA exams next week the best of luck! & for those who have not done much revision it is not too late...we have a week left don't just let the time slip away!

I know myself how easy it is too put off revision but don't!!..and what a difference it makes to walk into the exam feeling confident and prepared

I think the key is to doing as many of the past exam papers as possible and then doing extra questions on weak areas

lol just noticed that I have missed out the 'Y' in everyone DOH!


  • kansas
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    Hey thanks and the best of luck to you too.
    I have my FRA exam next week and still feel a bit "foggy" in some areas.
    I am a single mum working full time (nothing to do with finance so don`t learn through my role at work) and find it hard to relate to some parts of FRA. Not to worry...... I`ll keep trying the practise papers when I get an hour`s peace from the children and hopefully will have a pass result to celebrate in August. I`m trying to be positive.... it`s not the end of the world if I fail, but I would love not to have to go through it all again. I really would like a year out this year to spend some time doing "normal" things with my children and not going to college 2 nights a week after being at work all day.
    Anyway, onwards and upwards.
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    gooodluck to you too
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