Misuse of forum

JayneHogan Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 697
Has anyone else noticed the thinly disguised sales pitch on one of the threads on this forum? Products advertised are electrical and by my estimation are all available in the shops for those of us who might want to buy them in our own time.


  • CJC
    CJC Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,657
    This idiot has been spamming the forum for a while. I can't really see the point of posting US oriented spam on a small-ish forum of mainly UK-based, financially savvy people. Maybe someone should explain cost/benefit analysis to him, preferably with a baseball bat.
  • peugeot
    peugeot Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 624
    What always amazes me is the length of time they devote to creating their (extremely long) threads - only for them to be deleted by admin.
  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith Banned Banned User Posts: 46
    Hopefully the new Captcha system provided in the latest vBulletin release will help to stem these annoying adverts. I hate deleting them just as much as you hate reading them!

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