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  • Baggybooks
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    But what about the 2nd fax?

    Heed Mandy's tale of woe here - never take your eye off the ball and keep on top of your requests.

    Just 'cos someone says they'll do something, doesn't mean they actually will - for whatever reason.

    Well done again, Mandy. Power to your banana, man!!
  • Randy Millet
    Randy Millet Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?
    Access your account statements safely and securely anytime, anywhere with free Online Statements. Online Statements contain all of the same account information as paper statements; the only difference is they are delivered online instead of through the mail.

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  • square-peg
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    John Allum wrote: »
    I am pleased to announce that statements of achievement will (finally!) be available online on Friday 22 October.

    John Allum
    Deputy Student Services Manager”

    I'm a little confused, and believe me, it doesn't take much to confuse me! :confused1:. My exam results email said "Your statement of achievement will be available online from 9am BST on Friday 22 August", whereas your post says 22 October!
  • James Cristiano
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    Statements of achievements are now online


    I’m happy to tell you that statements of achievements are now available through your MyAAT account. I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long for this service and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all, from everyone in the AAT web team, all the best with your studies this coming term.

    Kind Regards,
    James, AAT Web Team
  • square-peg
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    Thanks James! Just printed mine off.
  • welshwizard
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    Thanks also - I didn't realise I had done so much!!
  • aatfree
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    Thanks. I must say WSK took a long time to get on there - just under a year since I completed it. :ohmy:
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