American Spellchecking

definite.studies Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 88
When I edit a post I see red lines under words with British spelling like realise, labelled, amortisation etc whereas realize, labeled and amortization are not underlined.

Is this a setting in the forum software or is it just my Firefox 2 browser?


  • CJC
    CJC Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,657
    You should install the British English dictionary for Firefox.
  • definite.studies
    definite.studies Feels At Home Registered Posts: 88
    Thanks for the tip.

    Too bad for me that that version (1.19) of the British English Dictionary doesn't work with version of Firefox. I expect I will upgrade at some point, which might fix it. Either way, its not a problem with the AAT web site so other people don't need to worry about it.
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