What calculator?

Rune Registered Posts: 91 ? ? ?
I have a scientific calculator, Casio fx - 83ES. Does anyone know if it willbe ok for the exam or do I have to get a basic one?


  • visha
    visha Registered Posts: 218 ? ? ?
    You would be advised to take a simple calculator with a % and may be sq root sign.

    The invigilators have instructions from AAT that programable calculators are not allowed. Why then take a risk with a scientific calculator and then may have to pursuade the invigilator that this calculator is ok.

    It may upset you and and possibly effect the final outcome. Secondly you are not going to use any scientific functions any way.

    Don't take the risk
  • Rune
    Rune Registered Posts: 91 ? ? ?
    Fair point, good advice. Thanks.
  • kazseera
    kazseera Registered Posts: 87 ? ? ?
    hey i bought a calc from wh smiths today... half price from 7 pounds :-0
  • Primble
    Primble Registered Posts: 734
    I took my work one home for the occasion after seeing it would be best to not use a scientific (that I was about to go out and buy another one because my battery died) and I use my work one all the time so am used to it and it has big buttons
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