Exams next week!!!

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Anyone totally bricking tacking the exams next week! I am getting so stressed and have no idea why?! I mean i know why, But have had a headache for the last 4 days!!!! Im taking 3 exams MAC, DFS, and PTC.

So far i am confident in each paper in section 1! But section 2...still struggling - in every paper!!!! Hopefully last min revision will help me out!!!

Also FTC Kaplan at MK decided to do all our mock exams this week so does not really boost your confidence when you are getting bad feedback the week before your exams!!!

Goodluck everyone, I Feel like luck is the only thing that is going to make me pass this time round!!


  • Barbara Knight
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    Good luck to you too!

    I think that so much depends on how you read and interpret the questions so here are a few tips I have picked up from various places

    1 - Read all the question text more than once so you are clear that you understand what it means

    2 - For stuff like MAC section 1 where there is loads of info that will feed into different parts of the workings, underline or highlight each bit of info that you think you will need and then as you use it - tick it off so that at the end of answering all the questions you know you have included all the bits they have put in

    3 - When you have finished your answer, read the question through again to make sure that you have understood the quration and answered it correctly using all the bits of info that they have put in the question

    4 - If you are not sure what a question is asking for, state in the answer paper what you assume it means, this way the marker knows what you are trying to show and you may still get marks even if your interpretaion is now strictly correct ( as in MAC DEC07 with the sales/production error)

    5 - If you get really bogged down in something and can't work out the calcs of how to do it don't panic - go on to the next qyestion and come back to it later - this way you will be calmer and if you have done everything else already you know how long you have to spend on sorting out the hard one!

    6 - Show ALL workings, you may get one number wrong along the way but if you have shown how you worked the number out you can pick up points for your workings and you only lose points once for a wrong number. I think there is often points around for workings as the chief examiner always complains that students don't show enough. There is plenty of room in the answer book so show them all! I plan to write out a formula before I use it where appropriate e.g. the variances or ratios for MAC

    Don't brick it! you do not have to get 100% right to pass. I took PTC in Dec 07. I was sure I had failed as I seemed to make lots of little mistakes. But I had a go at every question and showed all my workings and assumptions. When I checked the published answers I had done something wrong on just about every question - but I still passed!!! You don't have to be perfect, you just need to show you are competent.

    Good luck to all

    Barbara (Taking MAC on Monday am - roll on the pub at monday lunchtime!!) :thumbup1:
  • sharon
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    Thank you!
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