btc- index allowance and partnership returns

phoebe Registered Posts: 17 New contributor 🐸
does anyone know if either of the following are assessable?

partnership tax return- i have the kaplan book and there is not a copy in it or a question relating to filling this out. also no past exams appear to have included this so i was wondering whether they can assess this? if so does anyone know where i can see a copy/question?

indexation allowance- will the rate always be given or may we have to calculate it? not sure how to do this and don't really want to start learning new things at this late stage if not necessary!

thank you and good luck to anyone taking it on tuesday!!


  • sebastianforbes
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    firstly, as a question in isolation, it is not worth worrying or losing any sleep over !

    i have used the same textbook and you have just highlighted it to me as well :tongue_smilie:

    in my limited experience, most of these tax forms are self-explanatory. just take a little bit of extra time, care and patience with whatever form you're asked to complete.

    also, you will not be asked to calculate the indexation factor !
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