Diploma level by distance learning?

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I am just about to take my final Advanced Certificate Exam (ECR) and cannot continue with my current college for the Diploma level.

Just wondering if anyone has done the diploma by distance learning and which providers you would recommend.

I am in Dorset so if anyone knows of any centres which accept external candidates that would be most useful :)



  • sebastianforbes
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    hi there,

    i have my technician finals next week and i've done it all through distance learning.

    firstly, you only need the full package for the simulations. i've tried ftc and bpp and my vote definitely goes to BPP !

    for the central exams, just buy recent textbooks, and this time my vote goes to FTC !

    it will all work out a lot cheaper !!!

    best of luck :001_smile:
  • Lizzim
    Lizzim Registered Posts: 48 ? ? ?

    Cost is not a major issue as my employer will pay for the course.

    Just out of interest where have you been taking your exams - you are quite close to where I live and I am not sure which centres will allow me to sit exams with them.
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