Which Direction???

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Hi all,

I have ambitions to progress in accountancy and have done so thus far. I moved into accountancy last June and take my AAT technician exams next week.

The firm I currently work for are ok but they are not moving forward enough and I don't think they share my ambitions. For this reason I started looking around at what is on the market. Also that I don't feel my current employers value me as I often work at almost double my charge out rate and often finish jobs much quicker than those far more experienced than me. This work is always performed to a satisfactory standard that my manager appreciates but the partners don't seem to.

I now have two good offers. I can take positives and negatives from both roles but would like the opinions of others please.

Role one - At a small/medium firm (3 partner - 13 staff) where I would have my own portfolio of clients dealing with everything for that client from VAT and accounts through to tax and planning. This would have scope to expand my client portfolio over the years. They are a modern practice who value training and have ' Investors in people '. They will support my ambitions to do ACCA and have others currently studying. downfalls are a lower salary than the other role. The hours are also 40 per week making this role over £1.50 per hour less in salary. (not great as I have two children to spend time with). The travel time is also around 45 mins each way.

Role 2 - This role is at a large top 40 firm with 16 partners and over 200 staff. It is based within tax (I have a strong interest in tax) and they will support movements to other areas of accountancy in the future if so desired. They will also support ACCA. Working hours are 37.5 per week and travel time is around 20 mins. The role is obviously less varied but training will obviously also be good at a top 40 firm.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully some people can highlight some points I have not thought about.

Thanks in advance.

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