Pcr December 2003

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HI Really hope someone can explain something for me on task 1.2 can someone please explain of how they got to 392 .

Its probably me, Thankyou all and good luck to everyone doing exams next week Zoe .:001_smile:


  • mehmet
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    In the additional data, it says "Tipton can obtain up to 2,000 square metres of extra material", so that is our starting point as the gross material issued to production.

    Now, in the original task data we are told that 2% of material issued to production is lost as wastage. Therefore, we need to deduct this wastage to find the amount of "good" material (the material that will make up the produced Exes).

    Wastage: 2% of 2,000 = 40 sq m.

    "Good" material: 2,000-40=1,960 sq m.

    Now, we divide the "good" material by 5 (sq m of material per Exe) to find out the maximum extra production of Exe allowed by extra material.

    Extra Exe's produced: 1,960/5 = 392 Exe's.
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