DEC 03 PEV Past paper HELP !!!!!

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Can anyone help me with section 2.2 of the Dec 03 PEV past paper ?? I have not seen this in any other past papers...... is it still included in the syllabus for PEV ?? I hope not. I haven't come across this in the books, I do home study so may have missed it, but my brain really can not cope with anymore it is already overloaded AAARRRGGGHHHHH !!!!



  • definite.studies
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    I had a look at the question, and I don't really see anything about it which would rule out a similar question in the next exam.

    I need to revise this area too, so I'll be having a go at it over the next hour or so and may come up with some more comments later...

    Do you have a problem with a particular part of it, or is it more about the general approach?
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    If you look at the recent Cliff Floyd exam papers and look at this one from John Watts, there are some similarities.
    I haven't used this question this year, but it is well worth doing in preparation for 16th June.
    Look at the recent requirements for revised P&Ls and BSs, this is not a million miles different.
    Good luck with it.
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  • definite.studies
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    Having done the paper now, I think the best approach is just to take it step by step with the answers on screen. Just scroll down to the answer after you have had a go at the calculation, and you can see if you are going wrong and carry forward the right figures to the later calculations.
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