Unit 6 - Some Definitions

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Good Morning - everyone doing unit 6 today GOOD LUCK

I need to get some definitions stuck in my head - it's something simple, but for some reason I just can't recall them when I need to.

Payback - this is the time is take to recoup the capital expenditure on a project.

Net Present Value - this is the cash flow for the following X amount of years discounted to show the value as at today.

Internal Rate of Return - the is the point at which the net present value of net cash flow equals the capital expenditure exactly

I think those are right - basic explanations I know, but hopefully they'll get me the points.

Once again - good luck, don't forget we have three hours to complete the paper - take the time if you need it, don't be put off by people leaving after an hour and a half. :thumbup:


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    hopes is eternal !

    well good luck to everyone whos sitting there exam today

    thanks for those def...........

    and thers me I was going to waffle on for about 3 pages !!!:tongue_smilie:
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