Anyone studying with Kaplan?

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I've got a query about their books. This is possibly me just missing something, but wanted to check if the book does cover the Gearing ratio & the Interest Cover ratio?

I found a little mention on the gearing ratios on pg 179, but the book mentions that "of these, profitability and liquidity ratios are of the greatest significance to the management accountant and it is those we shall examine in more detail"

I was unsure where I would find the ratio and details of interest cover in the book. Can anyone tell me where to find it or confirm if it's in there?

Thanks a lot!!



  • mjp
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    its in unit 11 book on page 274 thats where ive found it !!!
  • fpettifer
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    gearing ratio is in the little pocket notes book, don't know why its not in the main book!! haven't a clue for interest cover :ohmy:
  • AshSimcock
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    im with kaplan and gearing and intrest cover isnt in the pocket notes. gearing has only been in the exam ones in the last 40 years and intrest cover has never been in...

    lets blame kaplan...hehe...
  • mi|kshake
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    Thanks for your help! Wanted to check before I mentioned it to my training manger.

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