Oh My God! I have NEVER done worse in an exam!!!

Ever. ECR today, and I probably failed. Got confused when entering contribution per unit - I entered the total variable cost instead of Sp-Vc, I answered everything using that calculation, then realised my mistake, and had to put a line through all my previous answers... - I then went through all my previous answers and I found I made very simple casting errors and had to correct all the following answers. My paper looks like some top secret document with loads of redacted sentences....

I may have passed, I don't know. I think all my second (and in a couple of cases my THIRD) answers are correct, but I thought that when I wrote the first answers, so who knows. I'll need to check my answers with what everyone else put down.


  • shelle
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    im sure it will be ok just think confident least you realised your mistake swill feel better when i can discuss my answers lol. think i did i ok but you can never tell so even tho you think you might of not done ok you may have chin up. we have got through it now just have to get through weds and then we can all have a well deserved break from it!:tongue_smilie:

    last bit i actually hate and always struggle to to explain IRR no matter how many times went through it.

    think alot of people are goin to be feelin the same and im sure your paper didnt look that bad i did some of mine in pencil first luckily!
  • KellyG
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    know its a bit late now peeps but WHSmiths do these amazing blue and black pens with rubbers on the end... used them in all my exams, they are brilliant! :thumbup:
  • LondonMatt
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