Poll on the cost batch question

I've read a lot of the threads on here talking about this and there still seems to be a split in opinion on the correct answer. So, which of these do you think is right? Not which one you put down, or which one you hope it is, whcih one do you now think is correct?


  • Chris023
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    I would say the one where you don't divide the materials and labour..even though I did it the other way :mad2:

    AAT will prob argue that these figures said 'per batch' regardless if the figures seemed resonable or not
  • cruise71
    cruise71 Registered Posts: 5 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Prime cost per batch was around 57079
    Variable cost per batch was 57079+3.2 i think
    full cost was 57079+3.2+5 i think

    how does that sound
  • *hayley-may08*
    *hayley-may08* Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    I think there may have been an error in the paper, as if worked out as those figures per batch, the answer would be HUGGGEE! However, even though I divided it per no of batches. I suppose in a way I am wrong, because it is not what the info is telling me(even if it is wrong.!!)
  • *hayley-may08*
    *hayley-may08* Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    my figs were:
    Prime 3.20 or somethin like that I think. I did guess the formula 4 this though.
    variable - 5/7 cant member
    fixed - 12 :S!!!!

  • LondonMatt
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    I was going to add some options to make this an actual POLL, but I managed to confuse myself - too tired - so I was just going to forget it, cancel it and go to bed, untill I realised that the thread gets posted first without the POLL options!

    Thanks AAT, you've managed to make me feel stupid once again...GOODNIGHT
  • Hayley
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    I got the same as cruise71.

    The answer looked wrong as you would expect a smaller value per batch, close (or at least closer!) to the fixed cost per batch. It did say at the top cost per batch though so not sure how this will be marked as it seems that most people have divided the prime costs by the number of batches, this is a tricky one.
  • DuncyMoon
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    I felt that I was getting on fine in the exam until this question.

    I divided the prime cost by the number of batches even though I didn't feel confident doing it as a result of the materials & labour data given at the top of the page!

    I checked back over past papers I'd done once I got home & nothing resembled those sort of figures. Suppose we'll just have to wait & see!
  • bigfoot
    bigfoot Registered Posts: 19 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    I added the direct materials and direct labour to get prime cost. I almost did it wrong though but managed to correct myself by imagining the page in the book.

    It did seem a high number but it coulda been a huge batch :confused1: of say muffins!

    does anyone know the pass mark???
  • Moseley_21
    Moseley_21 Registered Posts: 59 ? ? ?
    Cruise71 i got the exact same answer! Even though it is totally unreasonable and makes no sense!! Got to admit it did fluster me at the time but i figured it must have been a mistake in the paper!
  • ambitious
    ambitious Banned User Posts: 93 ? ? ?
    In my opinion I think this question had a mistake on the cost per batch prices. I added the 2 figures and it was near the total fixed overheads which can't be right since these figures were supposed to be "per batch". So I divided the figures by the number of batches to get more sensible figures comparitively to fixed overheads per batch and variable overheads per batch. I've made this known in my exam paper.
  • Pencil
    Pencil Registered Posts: 97 ? ? ?
    Prime Costs

    This was a humdinger of a question...

    I stuck with the wording and ignored how bizarre the figures were. So I literally added the materials and labour figure together to get the prime cost per batch and got £54000 odd, then divided the variable costs by the number of batches to get the £3.20 then divided the fixed costs by the number of batches to get the £5. I highlighted the per batch against the material and labour figures bu surely AAT will realise something terrible has gone wrong when they start marking the paper??:001_unsure:

    People keep asking about a pass rate, and I don't think AAT have a fixed pass rate. I know that you have to show competence in both sections and I have heard a rumour that you need to get at least 50% of each task correct, but that may not be right. It's possibly worked out on a similar basis to the skills tests, where you are allowed one or two mistakes per task and then still have to get about 80% overall correct to pass - who knows:confused1:

    I'm sure we've all done much better than we think, and hey, the sun is shining and there's nothing we can do about it now until August so kick back and relax (until tomorrow that is):thumbup:

    Good luck for tomorrow everyone - things can only get better:laugh:
  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    1.6 a £57,076
    1.6 b £57,079.20
    1.6 c £57,084.20
    [email protected]
  • Moseley_21
    Moseley_21 Registered Posts: 59 ? ? ?
    Sandy Hood!! Ever an inspiration!! Thats that what put down as the answer!! Thank You very much!!
  • Essexgal
    Essexgal Registered Posts: 42 ? ? ?
    SandyHood wrote: »
    1.6 a £57,076
    1.6 b £57,079.20
    1.6 c £57,084.20

    Thats what I done, im happy now lol
  • tracylou99
    tracylou99 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    Someone noticed the error during our exam and we managed to get confirmation that there was a mistake and the total direct labour and direct materials should have been total not per batch. Unfortunatly some people had left before we were informed about it but the examiner said as we had been informed about the error we had to change our answers.
    As its AAT's error I would have thought that they would have to mark both answers as correct.
  • jenz496
    jenz496 Registered Posts: 31 ? ? ?
    they will have to mark the answers correct according the the question, no matter how the figures looked, people have answered the question according the what they have been given.
  • andrewtdk
    andrewtdk Registered Posts: 150 ? ? ?
    I presume they will have to mark it correct as it was still a valid question even if it was an error on the paper or even if the fiugures seemed huge as it is still possible that a business could have such a high materials figure. After all, all the companies and figures they use are just made up
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