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The OAR rate question I got £50 for the first and £16 for the second.

However there was something which made me doubt my answers. The overheads were for the 'quarter' however the machine/labour hours were for July. This made me wonder whether we were supposed to divide the overheads by 3 to get a monthly value or multiply the hours to get a quarterly figure. Just went off on a bit of a crazy tangent really because I was expecting trick questions after that batch one!

Did anyone else follow this theory?

I didn't use this as my answer but scribbled some notes in the workings section to give someone a laugh when marking, lol:tongue_smilie:!


  • *hayley-may08*
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    Ahh really worrying. To be perfectly honest - i didnt even notice this, and didnt make a note of it!

    Think I have failed =(!
  • cruise71
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    i got 50 and second i got 13 something, one was machine hours and the other labour hours.
  • mahdi87
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    did they say round it to nearest pound????? coas i didnt i just done it 2 decimal i got like 50.** and 16.**
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