How do people do it?

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Reading the boards I am amazed at the number of people who are able to study and sit all the exams. I have struggled to cope with two this summer and previously at other times have only had to study for one exam.

Yesterday's PEV was horrendous despite the amount of effort and time put into revision for this exam and I still have the PCR to do on Thursday.

I have one more to do in December plus a project to finish but after yesterdays' nightmare look like I'll be doing two exams again in December.

Feeling totally demoralised after yesterday - and wondering how people manage especially those who say they are on their 3rd and 4th attempt for some exams.



  • confused!!
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    Hi Swampy

    I sat PEV yesterday , and have DFS tomorrow and PCR on Thursday.
    I would say its quite a jump from intermediate level, and i didnt realise how hard it was going to be - I dont think il ever take 3 at once again!

    Its also made me re think if i want to carry on to ACCA altogether, I think I may just be happy with completing my AAT.
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