Can You Fail for this ? ECR June 2008

George Tse
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In section 2 of the ECR paper yesterday there was a task about only having a limited amount of machine hours, I fink it was task 2.4, I no I got all of the task correct I fink except for the total contributions part.

You are suppose to times number of hours available by contribution per machine hour but instead I made a mistake and times it by the contribution per unit which resulted in a loss instead of a profit.

Can any one tell me if they can fail me just by getting this question well, part of this question incorrect? :huh:


  • speegs
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    I am not a tutor or an examiner, but I would imagine you would only loose the marks for the little bit that you messed up. You should remember that for every single bit you get right you you will also get a mark. I should say don't worry. You are probably fine.

    I really screwed my MAC exam last year and still passed.

    Good luck anyway.

  • George Tse
    George Tse Registered Posts: 241 ? ? ?
    Wot if you are marked incompetent for a task e.g. you are incompetent but are competent for all the other tasks does any one know if this will still fail you ?
  • SandyHood
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    If multiplying the total hours per product by the contribution per unit was your only mistake you will have done very well
    Sure, your mistake will cost you marks. But not enough to fail your whole paper.
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  • George Tse
    George Tse Registered Posts: 241 ? ? ?
    Thank you sandy i have had a look at ur published answers from that proof reading thing lol, and it does seem, i fink that i have only got the bit mentioned above wrong :D
  • Rao
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    ECR June 08 exam

    Hi all

    I feel quite confident overall and I finished the exam half an hour early having time to check my answers twice over. There was just one task that almost threw me as I had not come across it in any of the past papers and had not revised it thoroughly. This was in section 1 and was the e-mail regarding the company's stock control policy. Initially I had no idea what was being asked for, so I left it till the end. But when I looked at it again, I simply used the figures on the stock card to deduce that the policy was not being complied with. It was clear that the reorder level and reorder quantity were both too high. I was a bit stuck on the second part, ie. discussing the financial implications of this non-compliance by employees. I thought it might relate to the costs of holding too much stock(storage, interest, etc). How did others approach the question?

    This was the only real stumbling block and I am sure I got the numerical parts right (especially as I had checked them over twice!) I tend to find the written parts more difficult but even in these I think I did ok.

    Please tell me how you got on and any difficulties encountered.
  • Jools1971
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    ECR Exam-Monday

    Like you I think the only two points were that the stock reorder level and reorder quantity were being consistently exceeded. Also I put that the storage costs, risk of stock becoming obsolete (don't know if it's correct but it was all that would come to mind).

    Can anyone advise how they handled the question which gave you the information on Direct Materials per batch, Direct Labour per batch, Variable overheads and Fixed overheads. You were then asked to calculate (a) the Prime Cost, (b) Variable (Marginal) Costing and (c) Full Absorption costing.
    We had major discussions on this after we finished the exam as half of the class had noticed that the first two costs (labour and materials) were quoted as "per batch" so had only divided the overhead costs by the number of batches then added onto the total of the first two costs. Yet the other half of the class had divided the labour and materials by the number of batches. Who was correct????? Any offers?:001_unsure:
  • Maria
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    In question 2.4 of the ECR June 2008 I made the units produced 400,000 (as I believe this information was given in the question somewhere!) and therefore had 32000 hours allocated to product B and 38000 hours allocated to product A which then went on to give a different total contribution. Do you know which one is correct please and do you have a copy of the questions at all?


  • trouble
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    i done the same think maria,in question 2.4 i made the units produced 400 000 ( and got 32000B and 38000A)
    has anyone else got the same figures?:crying::confused1::confused1:
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