General Knowledge Q's FRA/DEC05 Past paper...AHH!


Just wondered what kind of "gen knowledge" questions we could expect them to throw in the FRA??!!!

I have been told today Curry without the y for comparability, understandability, reliability, relevance!

Please can you say what kind of questions to expect??

The layout *touch wood* should all be the same...
Incomplete figures,
calculating vat etc, adj's
trial balance

sect 2
Profit & Loss & B sheet on some :S!
Appropiation, current, capital, goodwill acs!
Few gen knowledge questions

Ahh! I have just done Dec 2005 past paper with the disposal/p exchange, and I am now really worrying as personally I thought it was tough!! All other bits seemed ok! Except the one with adj purchases, I used the calc purchases from the PLCA, and not the one from the table given.

Has anyone else had any problems with that?

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