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Ok this is probably going to be a bit of a ramble but here goes...

I've been employed by the company I work for for 5 years. I started out in a different department but moved to accounts after 2 years and effectively I am the accounts department. I handle all purchase/sales ledger, bank recons, VAT returns, partners tax returns etc etc. I had no prior experience before this and am currently studying towards my AAT. I was told when I took on the job I would be given help as the company is expanding and the person who I took over was finding it difficult to cope ( she had been working here for 25 years ). Three years on and im still here by myself and I seem to be getting more and more responsibilty without any extra help or any significant pay rise.

I know I have been given a great opportunity but im beginning to wonder whether to look for something else as I don't feel I'm getting the recognition for what im doing. We have 50 employees and a turnover in excess of 2 million... is it normal to only have 1 person handling all the accounts/finance for a company of that size? And should I be on more than Β£8.90 an hour for doing this job ( bearing in mind im in the north east where pay is lower ).

Just after view points really, don't have anyone to talk to in a similar role so this could be common practice for all I know!



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    I've had a similar role myself - did everything you did, except the tax returns, but for a slightly smaller company. You have quite a bit of responsibilty there and they are certainly getting their monies worth out of you, even if you are in the North East. I'm only in rural North Yorkshire, but would expect to be paid (& do) more than you are getting now. Have a look on various agency web sites and see what is being advertised in your area to get an idea of what you should be on.

    This may sound obvious, but have you said anything to the partners? It's amazing how shocked an employer can be when you hand in your notice - suddenly a pay offer is on the table, which they didn't think to offer before. They are after all in business, so if they can keep costs down, why pay you more when you appear happy with your lot? If you are happy where you are, apart from the pay, it may be worthwhile letting them know how you feel, and about the promised help! I wouldn't make any threats, but would also have a look to see if there is anything else available.

    The only other thing is, are you or they paying for your AAT training? You'll need to take that into consideration if you decide to make a move.

    Good luck with both the job and the exams!
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    hey, i dont work for an accounts company but that doesnt sound right... if you cant cope then you need to have a word with your manager and just tel em how u feel.u dont want to be stressed out. i thinnk maybe you should be on a better wage to. i work for barclays ,my pay is slightly less bt i must say , i dont really do much.

    hope it helps a little
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    hey how do i post a new thread as i am new to this!!!
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    Click into Forum where you want to post - and then onto New Thread at the top on left hand side
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    I too was in a very similar position Dec 06.........I was wearing 5 different hats within our company.........accounts manager, PA to the MD, laboratory analyst, running the surveying department and over seeing the office next door. Something happened one day to make me decide to go home and look for another job..........I did, applied, and got it. It was the worst thing I ever did!!!
    I hated the new job, and missed my old one desperately. Because although I was over worked and stressed, I loved where I worked. 8 months on I admited defeat and begged for my old job back! Luckily for me, they missed me as much as I missed them!
    The moral to this story is, if you're feeling under valued and put upon, then please speak up. If I had done this then I would never have left and had 8 months of hell!
    If you are anything like me then you are eager to help anyone and everyone, and sometimes people forget that you are only human, and therefore need to be reminded! So speak up and I'm sure that things will soon change.

    So good luck, and let us know how it all goes!!

    PS. My boss is now paying for my AAT :thumbup:
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    well i would love to be in that situation , as i have no experiance but im in my second year of aat and no one will take a chance on me even thou i way it myself i am the best in my class.

    anyone got any advice on how to get a job ???

    p.s. cant take a paycut need to be at least 15k ?
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    Hey hang on in there

    I have come to a desition am in the exact same boat at the moment as you and apart from am working at an accountants and totally understand the way you feel, but as am doing the AAT i am prepaired to put up with it - i need the experience if am going to complete the AAT and progress further - well untill Sir Alan Sugar asks me to join his team for a six figure salary that is :lol: i will stick it out.

    All am trying to say is yes you should say something that you are getting weighed down with the work load and you enjoy the work but need help too, am sure they have notised the amount of work you do put in and even if nothing changes at least you have made them aware your struggling and that you have a voice - they are not daft after all and wont sack you for saying something, mybe even apreiate the fact of you saying something.

    Mark am sorry but for you to gain experience you may have to take a pay cut - speaking as someone who has done recrutment in a practise am working in now, you will have to start at the bottom and be prepaired to, otherwise when it comes down to the interview you will come across as arragent not to say you are in anyway, but you selling yourself, and bosses think in pound and pence - the bigger pay packet will come later (i really hope for me too) :thumbup1:
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    Well thought I'd update you all.

    I finally plucked up the courage to speak to my boss today and I think he's taken on board what I was saying ( hopefully! ). I told him about all the issues and that I was thinking about leaving because of it and he seemed horrified at the thought of me leaving so hopefully he'll do something about the situation. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever done but I feel so much better for getting it all off my chest. We are due to have our pay reviews soon ( hence why I got in there before the review ) so fingers crossed my chats made a difference!
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    Good for you fingers crossed :thumbup1:
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    Well done !!! Wish I had been brave enough, but now I'm back I tend to say what I feel, once you have done it once I'm sure people will respect you so much more

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