Batch Question Answer Anyone??

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone knew what the correct answer was for this question... as the answers Sandy has done have got them as a whole (not divided by no. of batches) But when I did this myself, the answers looked ridiculous, so I thought that it might be an error in the paper!

Think I got prime cost = £3.20 or £3 something!

Variable Marginal Costing £7.00 (or £5.00 lol!)
I just added direct labour & var o'heads (didnt use prime cost in this bit ? :S!)

Full Absorption Costing £12.00 (var mar cost & fixed cost)

Will we get marked wrong for this??



  • jenz496
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    I'm not sure how they'll mark it !

    I just used the figures "per batch" that they gave, and highlighted up the "per batch" that was typed onto the paper.

    The figures did look too high but at the end of the day that was what they'd put!
  • andrea1802
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    Hi Hayley,

    I did the same as you, so I am assuing from the answers posted by Sandy, that mine are incorrect, hope this does not fail me!!


  • *hayley-may08*
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    Thats what I thought when I looked at his answers aswell though. Apparantly this has been reported to AAT. As the figures looked ridiculous, I dont think we have done wrong really. I am assuming it was an error.
  • SandyHood
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    Hayley May
    I have asked someone to copy out the question paper so it can be available along with the answers I have done.
    I am sure you know to answer the question as written rather than try to answer anything else.
    I think a food packaging plant would have higher overheads than those in the paper, but the paper said what we had to use.
    I can let you see the question as soon as it is ready, but my answer is the solution to the question as it has appeared in the exam paper.
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