nvq or diploma?

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For the past couple of years ive been doing the nvq route. I just wanted to know if you have to complete PRAR, FRA and ECR simulations if you took the diploma route?

I passed those exams a couple of years back but i missed the simulations and it seems to me that the diploma is the quicker route?

Please advise



  • sebastianforbes
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    i can't comment on nvq, i've only experienced diploma route.

    if i do well this sitting, i'll have completed in 2 years 2 months.

    does that mean it's easier ?!!.. i might think simpler.

    i do know that a lot of students complain about the portfolio !

    i'm quite good at exams, i prefer them to arduous coursework and simulations.
  • LouLou143
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    The NVQ route does the same exams or very similar ones and you can do it in the same amount of time...depends how confident you feel to take the exams. They are both designed to be 3 years long....but people do pass them in quicker or longer amount of time.

    With the NVQ route there are more simulations that count towards the project. I was on NVQ route, then changed to Diploma and then went back to NVQ - nothing at all between them....just the Diploma route is more geared to school leavers or people that have no experience in finance to help them build a portfolio that is required for NVQ level.

    Both give you the same qualification.
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