Will you please help me

I would like to use marker in FRA exam but i am not sure whether we are allow to use them.It is a good idea to use two different colour one for any figure should go in to P& L and other for T/B.


  • ccreaven
    ccreaven Registered Posts: 119 ? ? ?
    good idea:thumbup1:
  • ambitious
    ambitious Banned User Posts: 93 ? ? ?
    Mohmedsalim, thats exactly was I planning to do as well. Seems right as errors only crop up in the trial balance because there's so many figures to enter accurately. Good Luck for tommorrow.
  • Emma555
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    When you say marker - do you mean a highlighter pen?
    I always use them for any info given in the question that I need to consider for the answer. I have never had any issues with this. The AAT actively encourages you to show your workings and if you were in the work place you may well use a highligher - so I dont see a problem. Whatever helps you to achieve a positive result!!! Good luck for tomorrow - I sat the FRA in Dec 07 and passed using my trusty highlighter pens!
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