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Hi there,

Firstly, good luck to anyone still taking exams this week, and congrats crossed fingers for those who have sat exams. I took MAC and am praying that i did enough for the pass mark.

Secondly, does anyone know what exactly i am supposed to be doing for the Project? I am doing this all as home study and so am a little confused as i have no tutor. I have found the forum to be invaluable and so am hoping that someone out there may be able to help me. Any info, greatly appreciated.



  • LouLou143
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    It is basically a project that is based on something at work (a true scenario that has happened in the past 2 years or it will happen) or from the case study that AAT provide if you don't work in finance.....

    you have to write recommendations for improvements of something. For example, the way the company deal with petty cash is bad and you would recommend that it should be done this way etc. Also how cost effective it would be to implement these changes.

    Another example is that the company does not use purchase orders and so how you would implement this in the workplace so that they do......and the reasons why etc

    The report is basically written to present to your manager who can follow it through and take up your recommendations.

    Hope this guides you a bit.....it honestly does not take long at all once you have chosen your subject.
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    Kind of in the same situation...I picked my theme as preparing accounts and analysing an accounts managers role (not my role by the way).

    Im finding it difficult to start the draft as to what kind of accounting systems I should be looking at and how many recommendations or improvements do you write about, is it as many in the actual role or from preparing accounts from scratch to it being finalized? HELPP!!!

    This is one of my last units and ive left it for a year!! Were we supposed to be provided a book with methods and what we should look at? All I have is the actual task paper and project plan.
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    Just starting Unit 10 too, and this looks like a good starting point compiled from all the forum topics on unit 10:

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