tips for pcr

im sitting pcr tomoro i wondered if anyone has any tips



  • mehmet
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    READ THE QUESTION AND THE DATA. Read both at least twice through before attempting it. You have 15 minutes reading time, use it properly. That way, you will fully understand the situation and the task you are asked. I normally read the data, then the question, then go through the data again and pick out anything relevant. Also, once you have finished the task, check the question again to make sure you have fully answered it.
  • Hunnibun
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    Thanks for mentioning that!!! Soooooooooo true.
    I have been trying to revise for this an although I think it is simpler compared to others - god, so much information to retain and make use of!
  • lorraine
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    i normally use a highlighter pen to highlight key words or nos.
  • welshwizard
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    Tips? Judging by horror stories I have heard from Foundaton and Intermediate, I woudl suggest revising everything and then revising stuff from unit 8 as well. Also, beware, it seems the examiners think that complacency may be setting in becuase they seem to be changing the layout of the papers to catch people out - i.e. RTFQ - Read The Full Question (there is another F word that can be substituted if you wish!)
  • Fi21
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    Ha! - You're not taught by Andy are you?!
  • welshwizard
    welshwizard Registered Posts: 465
    :thumbup1::thumbup::thumbup: I might be :cool2:
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