What books for Technician Level?

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Hey all,

Just finished Intermediate (hopefully), and was wondering what books are needed for technichian.

Thanks, Sorry if your all busy revising:001_smile:


  • mehmet
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    I used the Osborne books for Technician level, they are the ones the college supplies us with, and are set out really well. I've used them since Foundation, and have no complaints at all about them.

    Also, if you intend to do DFS (Accounting Practice, Industry and Commerce), then I would highly recommend "A student's guide to International Financial Reporting Standards" by Clare Finch, published by Kaplan. You can buy it from their website or Amazon, and is very useful when studying the IASs.
  • birdie29
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    Brilliant thanks. I used those for intermediate and they are good. Thanks again!
  • sebastianforbes
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    for central exams, i recommend ftc kaplan books.

    don't bother getting an indepth book for the ifrs codes... everything you need is in the study books.

    the last thing you need is to be swamped with an unnecessary surplus of information.
  • jmf
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    Which Books

    Technician in September (assuming I passed Intermediate) :001_unsure:

    My college does the following optional units

    Cash Management cash units 15 & Audit unit 17 as well as unit 11 (was a bit upset that not even an option for business or personal taxation)

    I have used osborne up to now and this year I also bought the BPP passcards. Would that be a good choice next year. College says books are own choice as neither tutors work from books.

    Would BPP or Kaplan be better choice for main books or even a mix depending on which unit.
  • GoldenRetreiver
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    Hi, funny world - our college did the exact opposite and I didnt want to do tax, however, we had the option of doing units 15 and 17 as optional extras. I did 17 (it wasnt exam based but simulation) and found it far easier than the tax exams. Am doing unit 15 next.
    Have found the Osborne books the best, they have helped when college handouts have failed. The passcards are ok as reminders but again its all down to personal choice.
  • Hilmara Crawshaw
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    I have had BPP for Foundation and Intermediate, and also always get Osbourne from the College library, but nearly at the end of intermediate this year I decided to get Kaplan as well, as my FRA tutor was giving us lots of exercises from it and they were really good. I loved it so much that I even got (a secondhand one) for ECR. They helped me a lot, and in one book you get the textbook and workbook. It's brilliant. I am definetly getting Kaplan for Techinician. :001_smile:
  • immense
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    I used bpp for foundation - horrible

    Intermediate and technician we used osbourne plus BPP passcards! they are great! You DO NOT need a seperate book for international accounting standards - everything you need is in text and passcards. Units 8 and 9 are compulsory. But before you buy any books you need to know what optional units you are doing
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