is this a fail?

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Some advice needed please.
Although I managed to get my P&L and Bal sheet to balance and I am fairly confident that I had the correct end figures I know that I incorrectly labelled some of the figures. i.e not calling total net assets by the correct name but calling the balancing figure at the end of the financed by section current net assets.
I am really worried about this as I understand the concept of the P &L and balance sheet but had real trouble remembering the proper names for everything.
Thanks in anticipation


  • Villetty
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    I don't think this will be a mojor problem. Putting the right wordings can show that you understand the meaning of what u r working out and how to get it but the main thing is that your figures are in the right place :thumbup1:
    I wouldn't worry too much about this, I know I probably messed up a couple myself
  • tracylou99
    tracylou99 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    Thank you for your response - I have just e-mailed my tutor to see what his views are :001_smile:
    I cant do anything about it now so will try not to worry too much.
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