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supersweet2 Registered Posts: 14 New contributor 🐸
it feels sooooo good to finally finish aat, hoping i wouldnt have to retake my exams next year, wondering how many of u are still carrying on and what is the next step for you???:001_smile:


  • *Sarah*
    *Sarah* Registered Posts: 172 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi Supersweet

    I've just finished too (apart from IAP simulation which I'll be taking on the 14th July). If my tutor gets their act together and gets my project marked and submited to the AAT by the 19th July then I will be starting ACCA in September. How about you?
  • immense
    immense Registered Posts: 97 Regular contributor ⭐
    Providing I have passed this weeks exams I have finished too! If so, i am gong to do CIMA in September
  • laurenw
    laurenw Registered Posts: 42 Regular contributor ⭐
    Im done aswell, thats if i pass PCR lol.

    Hoping to start ACCA in January and a nice long holiday before :-)
  • Nich
    Nich Registered Posts: 49 Regular contributor ⭐
    I'm done too- if i pass PEV! Just my portfolio to complete. Does anyone know if this will take me a long time?
  • lorraine
    lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    hopefully i have passed. if i have passed dfs and pcr, but then im taking 2 years out or i think my boyfriend will leave me lol!!!revising makes me a really strooppy cooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tre4sgal
    tre4sgal Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
    I will have finished so long as I have passed todays horrid PCR exam:001_unsure:
  • supersweet2
    supersweet2 Registered Posts: 14 New contributor 🐸
    thats good to know wonder y its take long to get the projects marked, who ever is doin cima n acca may i ask the proseedure for this meaning where are you taking it coz im going to work for experiance n get maat then hoping to study after that was thinking acca or cima
  • vix
    vix Registered Posts: 12 New contributor 🐸
    Got PTC today and that's it!

    Starting CIMA in January, as long as everything's passed. I'll be doing this by distance learning as I can't find any local centres that teach it. I have already worked in an accounts role for about 7 years so no work experience problems for me. I just think I'm too old to carry on studying :/
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