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I have completed level 2 NVQ at a local college but wish to pursue level 3 by home study.

I intend to buy the textbooks for units 5, 6 and 7. I presume I will be able to take the exam when I am ready as an external candidate. However will I also have to take the skill tests as I did in level 2 and what arrangements are there for taking these? Are there any other requirements?

Any advice appreciated.



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    I have no idea how the home study side of things works but if you can I would recommend you to try and do it at a college just for the simple fact that the text books always go the hard way of explaining how to do a certain task.
    Some people are fine doing home study with text books etc but I myself find it confuses me more :001_rolleyes:
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    the books often give you a lot more info than you need ie process costing read the book and its scary but the tutor said you need hardly any of it as the the book is just overkill on the subject.
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    If you are planning on going down the home study route I recommend the Kaplan books. I find them reasonably straight to the point on most things, with more detail on the harder to grasp topics.

    The setup works well for me - couple of paragraphs on sub topic, worked example, then an activity on it to test your skills. As you progress through the chapter the activities bring in information from earlier on in the chapter which i find helps cement the theory.

    But then again I haven't been to college so can't compare, but teaching my self from the book works well for me - I haven't yet come across anything where I just can't work out how to do something.... touch wood!
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    It Just The Opinion

    if you able to do home study well and good but i am unable to do it because just simple reason i know once in a week i have to go to college on time and i can least spending regular time in one subject, if i do not understand any concept the tutor is there to explain other students there to make more easier by explaining their ways and do some home work at my own time. never mind i have got the family and children so i have to consider them as well.

    it is a opinion but ensure what best for you.
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