Advanced certificate book?

Hey all

Well just signed in for another year (must be nuts) lol, was wondering - am taking the advanced certificate in august and wanted to get a jump on it and do some pre reading does anyone have the ISBN codes for the books were gonna be using please :001_smile:


  • Primble
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    who are you studying with?I'm with kaplan and the books come as part of the cost.
  • A-Vic
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    Am at college i know its ozborne but there is so many books on amazon dont want to get the wrong ones again lol

    Sorry it took me so long to reply
  • pernickety
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    Books needed for Level 3

    Level 3/Intermediate - There are a load of them! (But maybe not as many for Level 4/Technician, I will find out in September!)

    For ECR Unit 6 you will need "Costing" tutorial by Osborne ISBN 1-905777-05-1and the workbook 1-905777-06-x
    For Unit 5 "Financial Accounting" you need 1-905777-07-8 (this is the workbook) and the tutorial 978-1-872962-92-4
    For Unit 31 "Accounting Work Skills" tutorial 978-1-905777-02-0 and workbook 978-1-905777-03-7 For Unit 32 "Professional Ethics" 0-7517-2592-7
    Best of luck :thumbup:
  • A-Vic
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    Thats Brill

    Hey thanks for that - am off to amazon now to look for them

    Thank you very much :thumbup:
  • A-Vic
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    :thumbup: yeah books ordered :thumbup:
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    discounts on books

    how much have you paid for them ? i am ordering tomorrow but i have got the discount form from college them so if you ask them they might allow to have discount on them.

    business taxation for exam 2009 need to order the isbn no 9781905777167
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