Should I study BTC and PTC

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My college does not do either of the tax units at Technician. You have no choice but to do Audit and Cash Management Tutor said they are much easier as only Simulations but it sounds to me like the college is going for the easy option.

How essential are the Tax units if planning a career. Don't work at moment and still not sure what direction my career will go in. I was wondering whether to study one or both of them at home using books perhaps even starting ASAP and booking exam in Dec how practical is this. Would I need knowledge from other technician units to get my head around them.

Finished my FRA and ECR exams this week fairly confident have passed. So plan to start Technician in September.


  • Ozzy
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    PTC - Mostly for a private Practice Accountants - Working out Tax for indivduals
    BTC- More Business Orientated - Working the Tax out for a company, depending on what you really want to do a in future career in an accountancy firm working or working out someones tax or a big companies tax accountant.

    i may be wrong but i think its along those lines
    Hope this helps slightly
  • Emma1708
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    I would say go for it. BTC and PTC are helpful to study together anyway. It is very achievable to take your exams in December. I started studying both at the end of January are my exams are this week.

    You will not need to do the others before doing these exams

    Good luck

  • jilbo
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    Yes I agree with Emma, I'm a distance learner and I didn't start studying for BTC and PTC until mid March for the exams this week. They are quite easily acheivable. Good luck!
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    I don't know about both - as I have only done PTC. I started it at college in September and took it in december and passed - it is very achievable!!
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