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I was wondering if anyone is with Premier Training and have done their Professional Ethics Skills test, and was wondering which is the best way to revise and to pass the skill test?



  • Richard
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    I'm also with Premier, and did my skills test earlier this year.

    If you look on the AAT website there is a section with resources and case studies specifically for Prof Ethics - I found this really useful, and along with using the Osborne book, I was fully prepared for the skills test.

    There is also a specimen skills test on the website, which should give you an idea of what to expect, unfortunately, there is no answer paper online.
  • Caz1
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    I took Ethics earlier this year with BPP - I think the main thing to know are the 6 principles and how to apply them to situations - its not a hard module to do - just lots of reading and lots of writing in the actual test! I actually took the whole 3 hours to do mine!
  • j1994
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    How do u recommend i approach the writing section? E.g.apllying the principles to situations
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