This might be a daft question(PCR 08)...

Bens_princessBens_princess New MemberPosts: 11Registered
But was i right that there is a charge for idle time? Just at the £12 rate?


  • smoggismoggi Just Joined Posts: 4Registered
    I thought about the idle time charge in the end i did charge for it and put it in with direct labour costs. But i admit i wasnt sure what to do about it changed my mind a couple of times and ended up adding a note to expain that i had assumed it was charged for as it wasnt clear in the question
  • DonDon New Member Posts: 11Registered
    I charged the idle time for q2 and q3 at £12, as the time was basic hours. Ha, thats probably so god damn wrong.
  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesPosts: 465Registered
    I think the idle time was 'built into the labour cost' that had to be paid to regular staff. They were guaranteed 480 hours per Quarter so their hourly rate of £12 applied whther or not the machines ran (thats the way i see it. However, in the case of this paper, the hourly pay rate of £12 would equal that of any idle time! So your figures would be right (I believe)
  • immenseimmense Feels At Home Posts: 97Registered
    I wasn't sure on this as it said overheads including idle time were charged at 'whatever?! (can't remember)' rate per hour! Did it go into labour or overheads?
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