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I have just completed my Intermediate and am thinking of next year. I did Foundation and Intermediate at college but now have a new job so probably won't be able to attend college next year. I'd like to carry on - who has done Technician at home or by Distance learning and which provider did you think were good? I had BBP for Foundation and Kaplan for Intermediate. Any thoughts will be gratefully received. :thumbup:


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    I have done all three levels with Premier Training who have been good. Some of the assignments take a while to come back though lately but they are very helpful on the phone.
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    Why not see if your new employer will pay for you to do NVQ4 part time at college either day release or evenings? Also ask Human Resources to scout around to see if they will get help to fund you through your final year - there are loads of Government initiatives to encourage employers to train their staff! If you can do it through college do so - especially if it's the same one you've already studied at - you know the tutors, they know you and how you work.
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    Thanks, I will look at them :001_smile:
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    thanks, I will check them out
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